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Equalities Committee (EIE)

Everyone is Equal

Our equalities committee is called EIE which stands for Everyone is equal.

We are a group of pupils who applied to be on the committee because we are passionate about equality for everyone.

We meet every Wednesday lunchtime.

We don't have a current photo as we are holding socially distanced meetings at the moment and can't all fit on one picture!

Our work fits in with Goal 10 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

goal 10
EIE badgegender equalitystereotped for EIEEIE book of the month

Our activities

Since we started, we have:

  • Designed our own badge
  • Run poster and short story competitions
  • Led in-person and virtual assemblies on gender equality, breaking stereotypes, autism and equality in general
  • Carried out an autism survey of the school
  • Carried out an accessibility survey of the school
  • Intoduced the EIE book of the month scheme in the library
  • Reviewed books for the school library
  • Reported to governors on our work
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