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Autumn Term

In the autumn term we spent time exploring our new environment and making friends. We learnt about ourselves and our families and our parents and carers were invited in school to explore and learn with us. During our topic on Space we had an 'alien spaceship' crash land in our playground and we had to build a new spaceship for the aliens to return home.

Spring Term

In the spring term we learnt about different types of animals. We began by looking at the storybook 'The Gruffalo' and we went on a Gruffalo hunt in the woods. We found out lots of facts about woodland animals and wild animals. Later in the term our topic was Superheroes. We had lots of Superhero missions to complete, including rescuing our class pets from the Villian!

Summer Term

This term we have been learning about Pirates. We have been looking after Mrs Wyld's treasure for her and we have been writing messages in bottles to send to the Pirates. After half term we are hoping to have some ducklings hatch out at school who we will look after. This will link to our topic on changes. We will be planting flowers and watching them grow, as well as having tadpoles in the classroom to observe.

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