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Year 1

Autumn Term

We started this term by asking the question 'Is it better to be all the same or all different?' Each teacher brought a 'me box' from home with things that defined them. Some had photos of their families and some had items to promote discussion about how we are sometimes different or similar to each other.  We will be using the book 'I like myself' ' by Karen Beaumont' to help us write sentences about ourselves.  During Art lessons we will be painting our self portraits and investigating the techniques used by the artist Picasso . We will also look at  the book 'Elmer and the weather' by David Mckee to learn how to write a recount.  We will study the weather during the Autumn season and will continue to look at how this changes as the seasons change throughout the year.  We will also be looking at how to write a list using the book 'Oliver's Vegetables' by Vivian French.  We are also learning about different types of flowers and trees and how different things grow.  This will help us all to answer our project question 'Which vegetables make the best soup?' and we are looking forward to making soup for all our parents and carers to try!

During maths we are planning to continue to improve our addition skills, how to make number bonds and we will be starting to look at subtraction.

After half term, we are looking forward to doing a DT project before getting ready for our Christmas celebrations!

Spring Term

This term we look at fairy tales and traditional stories.  We  focus on Goldilocks and the Three Bears and change the story to make our own versions.  We also make our own fairy tale board games.  Another investigation will be to see what material will be best for keeping Goldilocks' sandwiches dry!  


We will also be looking at the Royal Family and take a trip to Windsor Castle.

Summer Term

This term, we learn how to write letters because we have created a link with a school in Australia!  We send our letters to them and we eagerly await our replies!  We also compare Brisbane in Australia to Bracknell and discus the geographical differences and similarities.  As part of our science learning, we learn how to classify different animals and discuss which animals make good pets.  We lalso take a trip to Marwell Zoo to finish an exciting term of learning!

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