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Year 1

Autumn Term

In the Autumn term, we started our year off by learning all about the different seasons using the book 'Tree' as our focused text.  We also learnt about the weather and the lifecycles of plants and trees.  We visted Lily Hill Park twice, once in Autumn and once in Winter,  to see the differences in the local environment.  We also performed in our Christmas Nativity and learnt the Christmas story.

Spring Term

In the Spring term, we learnt all about traditional tales, focusing on Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the Snow Queen.  We also learnt how to write a non-fiction text and we created information pages about the Royal Family.  This term was finished with an amazing trip to Windsor Castle where we learnt about the features of a castle and what makes a castle strong.

Summer Term

This term, we have been learning how to write letters because we have created a link with a school in Australia!  We have sent our letters to them and we are eagerly waiting for our replies!  We have also been comparing Brisbane in Australia to Bracknell and discussing the geographical differences and similarities.  As part of our science learning, we have been learning how to classify different animals and discussing which animals make good pets.  We are looking forward to our trip to Marwell Zoo next week to finish of an exciting term of learning!

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