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Year 3

Autumn term

This term our topic is 'Rocks, rubble and the rest'. This topic is based around our History topic of The Stone Age up to the Celts and our Science topic of Rocks and fossils. We had a super hook day when the children all designed their own Cave painting and learnt lots about life for Stone Age people, including why they only had caves to record their lives in. During this topic we will be lucky to be visited by a Paelontologist, who will deliver a fascinating workshop all about fossils and rocks. Over the term we will be  trying to answer the big question 'What do we need to survive?'


Spring term

In the Spring term our topic will be Volcanoes and earthquakes. The children will be designing a volcano that can explode! Our focus texts will be The Firemaker's daughter and Roman legends. We will be looking forward to a drama group visiting us to take us on an exciting trip to find volcanoes!

Summer term

Our topic this term is The Romans in Summer 1 and a focus on Sport with the Footbal World Cup in Summer 2. We will be having an exciting visit to an Open Air Museum to find out what life was really like for the Celts and the Romans. The children will be comparing all they've learnt about Celts and Stone Age people with the Romans to discover how the Romans were able to invade the England.

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