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Year 3

Autumn term

In the Autumn term our topic was 'Rocks, rubble and the rest'. This topic was based around the Stone Age and we kick started this by having a Stone Age day where the children dressed up and completed a variety of activities. During our topic we were very lucky to be visited by a Paelontologist, who delivered a fantastic workshop all about fossils and rocks. 


Spring term

In the Spring term our topic was 'What makes me, me?' and this focused all around the human body and healthy eating. The children's favourite things to do during this topic was to make their very own e-books all about the human body and also design and make a healthy sandwich and a packaging for it to go in.  

Summer term

Our topic this term is 'Designs and Disasters' and this focuses on Volcanoes and Earthquakes and the Romans. The children were lucky to be visited by an expert who delivered an interactive workshop on Volcanoes and Earthquakes. The children didn't stop talking about Kat, the Explorer, for weeks!! We will be making our own volcanoes and setting them off to give the children a real life experience of what it is like to see a volcano erupt. The children are very excited about this! After half term we will be learning about the Romans and we will be visiting Reading Musuem for our school trip.

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