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Year 4


In year 4, our topics during the Autumn term are 'Who are the British?' and 'Invaders and settlers'. As part of our topic work, we will be finding out about why British people are obsessed with the weather! We will learn about the water cycle and how environmental changes are having an impact on the whole world. We will also develop our understanding of how Britain’s land is used and how this may have changed over time. We will also be studying the Anglo-Saxons. We will consider why they chose to settle in Britain and what life was like at that time. 


For more details about Autumn 1 please read the curriculum overview above.


During the Spring term, our topics are 'Wonderful Windsor' and 'We are what we eat'. We will be
finding out about how humans digest food and the important organs involved in this process. We will learn about where our food comes from and how it is made. We will also develop our understanding of Fair Trade both what it means and the impact on the communities it comes from.  We will also be learning about the local area of Windsor and comparing it to other areas. During this topic, we have the opportunity to visit Windsor and learn more about this wonderful historical town. 


In our final term in year 4, our topics are 'Raiders and Invaders' and 'We are scientists'.   We will be
finding out about who the Vikings were and their invasion of Britain. We will learn about where they travelled from and why they chose the UK. We will also develop our understanding of the Viking's impact on our lives today.  Finally we will investigate about electricity and sounds. We will explore how both of these work and how we use them in everday life. We also have the chance to visit Winchester science musuem, where we will get a hands on experience of these exciting parts of science. 

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