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Autumn Term

During the Autumn term, our topic is to 'Infinity and Beyond'. In this topic we will learn about the relative movement, shapes and sizes of the Earth, Sun and Moon. We will also learn about the rest of the solar system and human's exploration of space. We will take part in two workshops that are out of this world. One where the children will take a virtual reality trip through space and another where they will take part in a hands-on experience to launch rockets.

Spring Term

In Year 5, our projects during the Spring term are linked to the Ancient Egyptians and Rainforests.

Our driving question for the Ancient Egyptians is: What can we learn from the Ancient Egyptians' beliefs in the afterlife? The children will study what is meant by the term 'afterlife' and what it looks like in various religions and to the Egyptians. They will look at the mummification process with a practical session of mummifying a tomato. Finally, they will make their own canopic jars out of clay and present these in the school's first pop-up musuem!   

Our driving question for the Rianforest is: Why should we try to save the rainforest? Within this project the children will have a focus on how deforestation is affecting animals and humans wihtin the rainforest. In addition, how this will affect the rest of the world. They will write speeches and present these to one of the younger year groups. The children will also look at the life cycles of different types of animals with a close link to rainforest animals.

Summer Term

In our final term, our projects will focus on the Maya civilisation, Changes in science and Rivers.

The driving question for the first project is: What skills did the Maya pass on to us? The children quickly look into the writing system and number system, comparing it to other periods of time and civilisations. They will also look at how the Maya grew crops. They will focus on chocolate and maize. Towards the end of the project, they will put their cookery skills to the test! 

The driving question for science is: Does change matter? This unit is all things science, looking at; what do we mean by reversible and irreversible change? What do we mean by a physical and chemical change? Are all changes useful? This is a very practical, hands on unit where the children will be able to see the impact and effect of change on materials.

The driving question for geography is: What is the most important part of a river?  We start this project with a trip to the River Pang, taking river measurements and plotting this data onto a graph on our return to school. The children will look at the features of a river, inlcuding a focus on erosion and deposition. Followed by how a river is used; now, in the past, in the future and in different cultures. Religious Education will have a key part with this project as water and rivers have a significance importance within most faiths.

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