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Year 5

Autumn Term

During the Autumn term, our topic is to 'Infinity and Beyond'. In this topic we will learn about the relative movement, shapes and sizes of the Earth, Sun and Moon. We will also learn about the rest of the solar system and human's exploration of space. We will take part in two workshops that are out of this world. One where the children will take a virtual reality trip through space and another where they will take part in a hands-on experience to launch rockets.

Spring Term

In Year 5, our topics during the Spring term are Wet 'N' Wild and Tomb Raiders. As part of our topic work we will be finding out about rivers around the world and locating them using maps and atlases. We will learn about the different parts of a river and how rivers are formed. We will also be visiting Rushall Farm to carry out field work activites exploring wildlife in the river, measuring the depth of the river at different parts and how meanders are formed though erosion and deposition. Investigating the uses of the River Nile and its imporatnce for the Egyptions will lead us into our next topic of tomb Raiders. In this topic we will focus on the importance and process of mummification, through our Egyptian workshop and take part in a pharaoh burial ceremony. We look into the Egyptian writing system to write scrolls with encrypted codes. At the end of the unit we will create an exhibition and share our learning with Year 6.

Summer Term

In our final term, our topics are ‘Who were the Mysterious Mayans'

and ‘Should Rainforests be Sustainable?’ We will be finding out about the structure of the Mayan society and about everyday life. We will be focusing on Maya clothing, headdresses, jobs and their beliefs and culture to help us write stories from another culture. Finally we will be using atlases to identify rainforests around the world and identify key features of rainforests. We will be visiting The Living Rainforest as part of this topic to see the tropical climate of rainforests and understand how animals and plants adapt in their environment. As part of our Science work we will also learn about the life cycles and the life processes of reproduction in some plants and animals. This will lead us into the children learning about the changes in humans and how they develop to old age.        

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