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Year 6 2020-2021

Autumn Term 1

Our first learning adventure in the Autumn Term is 'Is evolution crucial to our survival?' where the children learn about Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. We look at the text On The Origin of the Species by Sabrina Radeva. The children will use their shading techniques to sketch a fossil and they write an explanation text about how fossils are made.

Within the next learning adventure 'How have the Ancient Greeks shaped the world of today?' the children will ook at the legacy the Ancient Greeks have left behind - looking at the world of literature, sports, pottery, philosophy, democracy and science. The children will also expand their drawing techniques to include perspective drawings of a temple.  

Autumn Term 2

The second part of the Autumn Term focuses on the aspect of War. We have two learning adventures. Do events within living memory help us remember more than those that are no longer in living memory? and Who are the real victims of conflict? The main focus for the first learning adventutre of the half term is RE and PSHE where the children really focus on the term 'remberance' and how we remember those who we have lost. The children create their own War Poems and use iMovie to create a film. The second part of the term takes them back to WWII. They study the text 'The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas' and create their own presausive speech. 

Spring Term 1

Does Britain need a Monarch? Within this learning adventure the children take a trip through the most influencial rulers of Britain from King John, James I, Henry VIII, Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II. The children learn about how the power shifts from the monarchy to parliament. Within English, the focus is the Victorian era and we study Oliver Twist creating our own character descriptions. 

Spring Term 2

Do our hearts make us who we are? We start this learning adventure off with the children making blood and continue with a focus on the circulatory system and how our hearts work. They will read the text Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman and create balanced arguments to decided whether animals organs should be used in human transplants. The children will also explore what makes a balanced diet and how vegetarians and vegans can supplement meat to ensure all food groups are catered for. In addition, there will be a focus on the use of legal and illegal drugs and how these can affect the body.

Summer Term 1

Style vs Substance: what is more important? The children will read the text Wild Boy by Rob Loyd Jones which will spark the children's imagination about circus and fairgrounds then and now. They will explore what makes them unique and the personal qualities and values they feel are important to them. The children will discuss image: online and offline. They will also build their own motorised fairground ride considering how they can make it look stylish and to be fit for purpose. 

Summer Term 2

What do expeditions teach explorers about themselves, others and the wider world? The children are all invited to attend the Year 6 Residential trip to Wales and become explorers. They will build their independence, resilience and teamwork skills whilst climbing mountains, gorge walking and exploring a slate mine. When back at school, the children will classify the varying plants and animals they find in the Arctic compared to Wales. They will look at the differences in the physical geography of the two places. Through the picture book Ice Trap by Meredith Hooper, the children will write diary entries as one of the crew members who is stranded.

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