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Mrs Lee, Mrs Tumelty and Mrs Victor have arrived safely in The Gambia and have been led into town by a marching band! We look forward to finding out all about the work they do with the children at the Soma New Lower Basic School. 

Global Community

We raised money to mend the pump at The Soma New Lower Basic School in The Gambia.

Click on the video below to see the moment that the water started flowing again!

Our Gambia Link

The town of Soma is in the Lower River Region of The Gambia. It lies on an important crossroads where the main east-west road in the country crosses the Trans-Gambia Highway.

Here are some images of Soma.

The Gambia

The Gambia is the smallest country in West Africa. Apart from its coastline, it is entirely surrounded by Senegal. The River Gambia runs through the middle of the country and flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

The capital of The Gambia is Banjul.

The national flag comprises red, blue and green strips separated by bands of white. The red represents the hot African sun; the blue represents the River Gambia and the green stands for the country’s agriculture. The white bands represent peace.


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