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Diversity Week

In the week of 19th June, we held a diversity week celebrating diversity in all its forms and, crucially, remembering that despite all our differences, we are essentially all the same – we share a common humanity.

On Monday, children debated questions around gender and came to the conclusion that there aren’t ‘boy jobs and girl jobs’ but with hard work and determination, anyone can do any job regardless of their gender.

On Tuesday our theme was different families, same love and we talked about how families are made up in many different ways but what they all have in common is love.

Wednesday was about different religions and the children had some excellent questions for Revd Jim Barlow from Holy Trinity Church and Gemal and Iftikar from the Camberley mosque. They were surprised to findout how much Islam and Christianity have in common.

 On Thursday we looked at different cultures, learned a little about the Soma New Lower Basic School in The Gambia and had a Gambian visitor who was educated in Soma. We also had some Balinese gamelan workshops and samba sessions where children had the opportunity to explore music from  different cultures.

On Friday, as part of our discussions about differing abilities, we enjoyed a visit from a speaker with a guide dog. The week came to a wonderful conclusion with a musical celebration of diversity attended by parents.

Following our non-uniform day on the Thursday of diversity week, we collected over £400 for the water pump at The Soma Lower Basic School. When we relayed the news to The Gambia, we received the following message:

Thank you so much to the children, staff and parents  of your school for raising this money towards the school pump. It will really make a big difference to have easy access to water for the school.


8th June HWPS election result.


All the votes on the HWPS election have been counted and verified and the results are as follows:

Total number of votes cast: 624

Spoiled ballot papers: 7

The Tuck Shop Party: 88 

The Hydration Station: 98

The Snack Farm Party: 70

The Clubs Party: 368

The Clubs Party is duly elected and we will be meeting very soon to discuss how the money will be spent.

Well done to all the parties for a well fought campaign.

Monday 5th June

All the sports days last week were wonderful. Well done to everyone who took part and a big thank you to Mr Ellis for organising them all!

Sports day(2)Blog

On 8th June, as the country goes to the polls so will the children of Harmans Water Primary School. The Harmans Water School Association has kindly agreed to put up £150 and we have challenged the children in KS2 to come up with an idea about how they would like to spend the money in school. They have been busy costing their ideas and persuading their friends to vote for them and on polling day, every child in the school will have a vote. The idea that wins the most support will be duly elected and we will spend the £150 accordingly!

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