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Pupil Premium Grant

What is the Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium funding is additional funding allocated to all schools to support disadvantaged pupils. Harmans Water receives pupil premium for: children that are cared for or adopted from care; children whose parents are in the armed forces; and for every pupil who has received free school meals over the past 6 years.

How can I find out if my child is entitled to the Pupil Premium funding?

How is the funding used?

What support do we offer?

What support do we offer?

Pupil Premium Information



There is a strong focus on Quality First teaching.

Maths and English Subject Leaders, Senior Leaders and Year Leaders mentoring and supporting teacher colleagues to improve the quality of teaching across the school.

Four HLTAs received training to support the improvement of teaching and learning  through the more effective deployment of Teaching Assistants

Full time Behaviour Specialist appointed to support and provide training for staff in managing the behaviour of challenging pupils or pupils with ASD, etc. 

Two Teaching Assistants and our FSA received ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) Training

Some disadvantaged pupils identified for ELSA and received weekly ELSA support

1:1 Play Therapy for disadvantaged pupils with complexed emotional nneds or challenging behaviour

Subsidised residential visit for Year 6 disadvantaged pupils to PGL Osmington Bay

Free educational school trips  for disadvantaged pupils across the school

Free books from the visiting Book Fair for disadvantaged pupils to promote a 'Love of reading'

Free enrichment visit for Year 6 disadvantaged pupils to see The Lion King in London's West End

Incentives for encouraging parents to apply for PPG funding, e.g. iPad competition, free sweatshirts etc.

Quiet Learning Zone established to provide a quiet place to learn outside of the classroom

Teaching Assistant appointed to provide support in the Quiet Learning Zone (September 2017)

P4C (Philosophy for Children) Level 1 training for Staff (Jan 2018)

Year 2 and 6 Booster teacher (Spring Term 2017)

Lunchtime and after school Booster sessions for Year 6 pupils led by Booster teacher, Year 6 Teachers and DHT KS2

First Class Number for Year 2  identified disadvantaged pupils 

Daily RWI phonics sessions and interventions for all pupil

Introduction of RWI Spelling for all pupils

Proactive Pupil Premium Champion raising awareness and promoting a whole school strategy on diminishing the gap for disadvantaged pupils

1:1 readers across the school

There are also various interventions linked to the specific needs of individuals or groups of children.


Currently under evaluation.

Positive comments were made in a recent HMI visit (Nov 2016)

An external Pupil Premium Review was carried out in the Spring term -March 2017 by Mrs Joan Lowe which highlighted our successful practices and gave us areas for further development.

2017/18 PPG Funding-£156,360







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