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It’s official – Ofsted have rated Harmans Water Primary as a Good school!
What’s more, some of our practice has been judged as outstanding!

“There is an ethos that shines through.”
“Classrooms are calm and purposeful places”
“Leaders have designed an exciting curriculum”
Ofsted June 2021

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Maths at Harmans Water Primary School


Our aim at Harmans Water primary school, is to ensure that our children enjoy their maths learning, see the purpose behind it and have the necessary skills to allow them to problem solve. We teach Maths skills from Nursery through to Year 6. Children from years 1 to 6 have a maths lesson every morning with other links being made through other subjects of the curriculum. Children in the Early years have mathematics teaching sessions as well as having a range of maths opportunities set up for the children in their environment that they will access through their play.


During maths lessons we are providing children with the skills to allow them to show fluency in their maths as well as being able to problem solve and reason. It is important that our children make cross curricular links and see how ‘maths’ and numbers are used in their everyday lives as this gives the children purpose to their maths learning. 


Through our teaching we think it is vital that children are given opportunities to use practical maths equipment to help secure their understanding of new concepts. Throughout the school the children have access to Numicon, Carr bars, Dienes and other practical equipment which we use to help children ‘see’ the maths skill that is being taught. From this, we show children how to use drawings or pictures before moving them onto numerical recordings. This allows children to have a bank of tools and resources to support them in solving open problems and investigations. Another part of Maths that is vitally important is the language that goes with the processes. We teach our children to use correct mathematical vocabulary to explain their workings out and thinking. By using the practical resources, it has really helped with children’s understanding and in turn this has helped them to really explain their thinking.


Times tables are vitally important and we want every child in our school to have learnt their times tables off by heart. Across Key Stage 2 we have a times table mountain challenge which supports the children in learning their times tables. Times tables make up part of our maths homework which children get on a weekly basis.

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